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Frequently asked questions

Q. When does KaleidoSource intend starting?

A. We are currently up and running with the required infrastructure and are in the process of bidding for tenders across multiple geographic locations.

Q. Will the initial outsourcing solutions offered by KaleidoSource be concentrated on Finance & Accounting space?

A. We will initially look to provide Finance & Accounting transactional services such as General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Payroll Processing and Credit Collections including Data Management. However, in the long run our goal is to provide our clients with end to end BPO services across all towers such as Finance & Accounting, Technology, Contact Centre, Human Resource, Procurement and other services within the BPO industry.

Q. What is the profile of SMEs in KaleidoSource's Asia Pacific target market? E.g. Annual revenues of $4 - 8 million ...etc

A. As a service provider KaleidoSource looks to mainly service medium size organizations. Thus we make organisations that are keen to seamlessly and cost effectively outsource a smaller number of its roles designed to drive greater financial and operational synergies as our target market. Therefore anything considered as an SME would be included in this list.

Q. In the case of an SME with an annual revenue of $5 million, what is your expected cost saving?

A. As a relatively new organization we are capable of customizing our service delivery to meet any organizational requirements in terms of process, systems and people. Accordingly we are confident of being able to deliver cost savings irrespective of their size. Naturally, due to the lack of scale in smaller organisations such as number of accounting roles ...etc, labour arbitrage related savings would be limited. However, what we do offer is an opportunity for smaller organisations to leverage the BPO industry to revolutionise its operations and thus creating greater scale and in turn savings.

Q. The norm is that cost savings from an outsourcing solution comes from the replacement of client's local accountant and finance FTEs by significantly cheaper offshore finance staff as well as automation of the back office processes. Is that correct? What else can we expect from KaleidoSource?

A. This is correct and it is a benefit we consider as primary or as a hygiene benefit. However, there are a number of other secondary benefits we plan to deliver to clients such as guaranteed efficiency improvements, the ability to leverage our finance & accounting tools and systems including scanning as well as access to industry reports ...etc.

Q. What are the details of infrastructure you have in place at KaleidoSource? I.E. document centric workflow engine, data capture (OCR) ...etc?

A. KaleidoSource has secured two floors with capacity to house approximately 100 FTE in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The location is ready to be occupied with the required IT infrastructure. In addition to this we also have secured options for further expansion via innovative leasing and partnering agreements with leading Sri Lankan realtors.

Q. Do you envisage the scanning and data capture process taking place at the client's onshore premise and the results delivered electronically to Colombo for processing?

A. Logistically this is the most practical approach. However, if we are successful in creating enough critical mass in the respective country, we would be happy to look at investing in a KaleidoSource scanning facility in the country of origin.

Q. Are you considering a fully outsourced model whereby documents are sent in hard copy to Colombo for processing?

A. A simple scanning solution will be made available to get the documents across to the delivery centre in Sri Lanka. The only cost for the client end would be on a basic scanning machine (these machines can be either leased or purchased).