Image describing the services Kaleido Source has to offer
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Rapid Transition

KaleidoSource is one of the first BPO organizations to offer rapid "no frills" transition methodology designed to provide it's clients with a seamless transition framework coupled with timely and effective tools to reduce excessive costs.

- Subject to client knowledge transfer requirements and readiness in terms of systems and processes, end to end transition can be achieved in 60 to 90 days.

Pre Contract (-30 Days to Day 1)

  • Confirm and lock in final scope
  • Complete Due Diligence
  • Interlock final solution, pricing & recruitment
  • Contract Signing

Post Contract (1 to 30 days)

  • Commence recruitment (max 90 days)
  • Commence process documentation
  • Assist Change Management
  • Build or secure delivery capabilities

Transition Phase 1 (30 days to 60 days)

  • Complete technology requirements
  • Complete recruitment
  • Start Knowledge Transfer
  • Complete build of delivery capabilities

Final Transition Phase (60 to 90 days)

  • Complete Knowledge Transfer
  • Lock in Service Level Agreements
  • Readiness testing of resources and capabilities
  • Go Live